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Customized meal prep orders are available, please request consultation.
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All orders Over 2 people will need consultation & will include additional menu items.

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What is B.Y.O.G?
You buy & supply the food after consultation and we prepare 5 to 7 prepped meals.
Pricing Starts @ 125.00
5 or 7 Health conscious or Vegan meals to fuel your day.
Pricing starts @ $200.00 / B.Y.O.G. starts @ $125.00
5 or 7 XXIV exclusive prepped meals sure to cater to your Inner foodie.
Pricing starts @ $200.00 / B.Y.O.G. starts @ $125.00
A Split of INDULGENT & FIT, Life is all about balance, who said you can't have the best of both worlds? 
Pricing starts @ $200.00 / B.Y.O.G. starts @ $125.00
** Fees apply

All Meal Prep orders are prepared and delivered on the Monday after you place your order. No order is active until full deposit is made. Remaining balance is due the Sunday before delivery or pick up by 12pm. If final balance isn't paid by set time, all deposits are forgo.

All Vegan Meal Preps are delivered on Tuesdays with Pick up or delivery on the following Tuesday after placing order.

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